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Thread for judgement error(s) and...

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Thread for judgement error(s) and...

.... other stuff that greatly impacts your credit score, finances and pretty much your whole life.

Stupid app keeps refreshing and deleting my progress so I will probably expand on this later on my computer. I wanted to start a thread on this topic because I seriously can't find anything on people dealing with judgments, tax liens, simply MAJOR derogatory marks that are really not yours.

I have been fighting to remove two judgments of my credit report four years which makes me wonder if others that this has happened to just quit and just accept the unfair marks.

Just for added context, I did all the little annoying things such as: filed multiple disputes, letter templates and all, called the original creditors, court, the CRAs, spent "hundreds of hours" between incompetent employees and foreign CRA employees...

So, please feel free to share your story. What are you doing to correct the wrong against you? How is it impacting your life now. For example, I am in the process of applying for a loan for the third time! This all started with the judgments being reported back in May 2014.

Will update this later. Thank you in advance!
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Re: Thread for judgement error(s) and...

Have you pulled an actual copy of the judgements and sent them to LN and the CRA's?

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Re: Thread for judgement error(s) and...

Hey ejm,

I just popped on to my Cap1 Creditwise monitoring. It stated that as of July 1, 2017, Judgements and Leins will not longer be reported by any of the 3 CRB's.


I also found an article that states: "The change by Equifax, Experian and TransUnion will take effect July 1, as part of a plan to ensure that consumer identifications in the data are accurate and current."  (



7/1/2017 FAKO Score by: CreditWise (Cap1) 645.

7/22/2016 Scores by MyFICO: Exp - 595 TU - 607 EQ - 621
7/20/2016 Scores by CCT: Exp - 595 TU - 597 EQ - 613 (SOME ITEMS DIDN'T UPDATE)
6/20/2016 Scores by CCT: Exp - 586 TU - 592 EQ - 603
Starting FAKO Scores were all low 500's Aug 2015.
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Re: Thread for judgement error(s) and...

Hey SoloRider,

Thanks for sharing this! Do you know how much of a boost it will give me since it's an error and doesn't belong to me? I have heard in the mortgage forum that it could be added back IF it's determined that it's really yours.

But this could explain why when I called Equifax to either remove or I am getting a lawyer, that they were so easy going about it suddenly.

Guess this is why. Equifax who keeps reporting it told me it should be removed by first week of August.(Of course I will be monitoring very closely myFICO... I signed up for the Ultimate pkg.)

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