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Time Well Spent Requesting Free Copies of Reports from Exhaustive List of CRA's

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Time Well Spent Requesting Free Copies of Reports from Exhaustive List of CRA's

Hello Fellow Rebuilders.....
I just spent a good hour (maybe two) going through this list below and requesting free copies of my own reports that @standby provided in another forum (thank you) of ALL the CRA's that are out there. OMG it's exhaustive!  Separate ones for insurance, subprime, even one in there for retail merchant returns and exchanges for fraud/abuse (who would have known this existed) I picked out the major ones I felt were pertinent to me and requested free copies of my reports. Not that I expect to be in any and/or all of them that I requested..figured it's just good to do a credit "checkup" just to be sure. All the ones I did were either online forms (with confirmation number of report provided) or automated voice response systems that I gave my information and report will be mailed to my home within a week to 10 days. Most of them have security freeze options as well, if you choose. Hoping other members of the community feel this is helpful overall, as I did.
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CFPB updated list of Consumer Reporting Companies for 2019

I happened to be reading a post about SageStream and other lesser known agencies earlier and noticed that the CFPB updated the list for 2019.


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