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Time to rebuild....again....

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Time to rebuild....again....


Hello All,


I spent a few years rebuilding my credit, and I had my scores to 650+ across the board.  In July of last, my world started to crumble.  I'm now going thru the big "D" and have since moved away and become a single parent.  I am now at a point where I am getting back on my feet, but my credit has suffered tremendously.  Scores are down to 501 EQ and 500 TU Smiley Sad  No charge offs thank goodness but a few accts have been closed.  I am going to pay off the cc's I want to keep (NC state empl. credit union visa $1k, 2 cap ones $750 & $500, and a BOA $300).  I will still have about $3k owed on other cc's and $5k in medical bills.  My question, is in your opinion, should I pay the other cc's at an aggressive rate, or the medical bills?  The cc's are in a negative status now because of 30 & 60 day lates.  Some of the medical bills are already in collections but most are not as of yet.  Would it be better for me to pay the medical bills more aggressively since I can use the HIPAA process to get them removed from m cr's or pay the cc's aggressively and hope for GW removal of lates?  Any advice would be most helpful.  Thanks in advance, and have a great weekend everyone!


Starting Score: EQ 401, TU430
Current Score: EQ 501, TU 500
Goal Score: 700+ across the board

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Re: Time to rebuild....again....

I would say make a payment plan with the medical to avoid any other collections being added I say this bcuz u save urself more work in the long run just do what u can to keep everything evenly balanced and dont let it overwhelm u been thru the big D so been there done that everything heals with time including credit

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