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To close or not to close Beneficial Finance LOC

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To close or not to close Beneficial Finance LOC

I recently paid off a LOC installment loan I had with Beneficial Finance (HSBC).  This was for $10,000 and I was able to get a personal loan and refi a car loan thru my credit union in order to pay off the Beneficial Loan. (It was 29.9% interest rate)  New loans are much lower ((17%, and 11%)

So, even though my monthly payments will be about the same, the interest rates are so much lower it was worth it.


I am wondering if I should leave the LOC account open or if I should close it.  I doubt if I will access the available credit again because the interest rate was huge (they won't change the rate).  My credit cards are $250 limit (!!), and 3 that have $500 limits.  Right now they are close to limits, and I am paying them down asap.  Is it better to leave it open until I can get a higher limit card (either from credit union or other...)  I would probably wait about 6 months now since I just got these other loans.


Thanks for any advice anyone can give.


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Re: To close or not to close Beneficial Finance LOC

How does this account report, installment or revolving?  It sounds like revolving and if it is, leave it open...a $0 balance reporting on such an account will help your scores.
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Re: To close or not to close Beneficial Finance LOC

Thanks, Fused. 
 This account is showing as an installment on Exp and revolving on TU and Equifax.  I read the info at the sites you suggested.  just because an account is open, I don't have to use it, so I will leave it open for now until I can increase my CL on the other accounts.
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