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TransUnion Online Dispute Success

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Re: TransUnion Online Dispute Success

like i mentioned it's not for all consumers, and definitely not for all disputes.  i'm talking about things that have a 90% chance of deletion, like old accounts that are close to CRTP expiration, accounts you're no longer an AU on, accounts you've got PFD agreements for, etc.  why wait a month for it to fall off when you can dispute online and have it fall off the next day or week?  the online dispute can be used to speed up the deletion process


if you're battling eOscar information or problem tradelines, i agree that a snail mail DD or DV is a better option because that has to be changed by the OC or CA who is reporting it.

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Re: TransUnion Online Dispute Success

Question about the list of online investigation details options for TU disputes.  What does "terms are incorrect mean?

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Re: TransUnion Online Dispute Success

Got lucky.


Today, I got back the results of my 6 disputes. 4 were updated, 2 were deleted.  1 of deletions was a letter(medical), the other(5 yr. old CO) was online. 

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