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Transunion Online Dispute Success!


Transunion Online Dispute Success!

I challenged 6 accounts about 2.5 weeks ago with Transunion.  I got a letter today telling me that 5 of the 6 accounts were deleted.  It lifted my score from 545 to 650!!!


Now I am just waiting for Ex & Eq to respond, as well.

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Re: Transunion Online Dispute Success!

Which accounts? Charge offs, collections, or lates? Congrats!
BK7 Filed | 3/25/2016 | EQ: 530 | EX: 526 | TU: 505
BK7 Discharged | 7/11/2016 | EQ: 535 | EX: 574 | TU: 506
Current FICO 8’s 10/28/2017 | EQ: 680 | EX: 680 | TU: 665
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Re: Transunion Online Dispute Success!

2 old medical accounts, one charge-off with First Delaware/Continental Finance, a collection with Credit Solutions, and a collection with RJM Acquisitions.


I know have the following accounts I am dealing with:


A collection account with Portfolio Recovery

A charge-off with GE/Men's Wearhouse

A collection with LVNV

Late reporting by Sallie Mae, Bank of America, and the University of Miami (they turned me in for missing one $25 payment after I paid $200k to go to school there!)

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Re: Transunion Online Dispute Success!

That's awesome!  When you disputed online with TU, what reasons did you use?

Starting scores 2/13/12: TU - 575; EQ - 555; EX 590 (EX was BofA pull)
Current Scores 6/07/12 TU - 713, EQ - 628, EX 663 (All lender pulls)

EQ Fico jumped 48 points in one month by adding BofA secured card (Had no revolving accounts on CR at all at the time)
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