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Transworld Systems Medical Debt Pay for Delete

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Transworld Systems Medical Debt Pay for Delete

Looking for the best course of action here. I'm trying to buy a house and have successfully done pay for deletes for 2/4 collections on my accounts. I have a leftover balance of just over $400 and am in a position where I can pay them off. One of them is medical debt carried by transworld systems. Initially I suspected that the medical company the debt was with may still own the debt, as its listed on my report as "assigned to" TSI, not sold to. We called the medical company and were told that somebody else had actually bought the whole hospital system, and sold all of it's debt to collections companies prior to finalizing the sale, but that they had also archived the data on the debt in their own system still. So the medical system (now under new ownership) still has info on the debt, but could not accept the payment.


We called TSI, they stated that they do not write deletion letters to credit bureaus. We held off on payment until we decided how to proceed. The person I spoke to did ask if we were going to try paying the balance with the original owner, so wondering in the back of my head if that's still an option. Seeing if anybody else knows the best course of action here. No matter what, we will have to pay off the debt to buy a house because we can't have collections debt on our credit with the type of loan we're applying for, just reaching out my feelers to see if anybody has had any luck paying it and later having it deleted, maybe doing so through the credit bureaus, or if there's any helpful information someone can offer based on the situation.


Much thanks!

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Re: Transworld Systems Medical Debt Pay for Delete

When they said they wont give PFD letters. Most wont. They have agreements to report accurately to the CRA's. Threy are not known to do PFD or GW's. But a house is coming. Guess just pay it to make the lender happy and enjoy your new home.

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Re: Transworld Systems Medical Debt Pay for Delete

Medical collections are some of the easiest to get removed from your CRs, here are the steps that you should follow to address them:

1. Call the OC and see if insurance can be billed, (or-rebilled), collections ultimately paid by insurance get removed per new rules that came from CRAs settlement with 22 state AGs. If not then
2. see if you qualify for Charity Care, if not then
3. ask that they recall the collection in exchange for full payment
4. Send the reporting CA a PFD offer
5. Google the HIPAA Process and contact its creator for help, this process cannot be discussed in any forum of myFico.

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