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Trident Asset Management

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Trident Asset Management

What other members have said about them appears to be true.  Super easy to work with.  A $66 collection popped up last week.  I called them today and the lady said it was from a bounced check to Papa Johns in 2006! lol Told her I never received any notice from anyone about it or I wouldve paid it a long time ago.  She agreed to make an "exception" and remove from reports and gave me the dates and such that they do reporting.  I know some will say I shouldve did this by mail but for $66 and evidence that others on this and different boards have got the same type of deletion I feel comfortable.  Just went to thier site.  Paid my 66 and eagerly await a derogatory to be swept from existance.  Thanks myfico.

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Re: Trident Asset Management

Happy dance!  Congrats!

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Re: Trident Asset Management

Yep, they're pretty easy, I paid and they removed for me too
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Re: Trident Asset Management

Just talked with Trident, I paid on line and she said they will do an exception delete on 06/15/2013. Thanks for the info!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Re: Trident Asset Management

I called them today about a $48 collection (the only collection on my CR) that is reporting on my Experian CR. She didn't offer anything like that. She read some stupid "Dispute Disclosure" and said I'd receive a letter in the mail. I told them I would pay it if they removed it from my CR and she said that it will stay on my report but showed paid. I told her the account isn't even mine. Anyway, I guess some of us are luckier than others. :/

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