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Trident didnt delete

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Trident didnt delete

I emailed them a pfd email and they mailed back a letter stating that as soon as it is paid they will delete it from all three credit bureus. This was a little over a month ago and they still havent deleted it. Should I wait more or do I do something. I still have the letter stating that they will delete once paid. ugh, this sucks. 

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Re: Trident didnt delete

If you call them, they will confirm it has been processed for deletion.  The same thing happened to me.  It took about 2 months because of the date they send for deletion and the day the CRA's delete.  Have patience.  I'm sure it will delete in the long run.

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Re: Trident didnt delete

I'm sure it will just take a bit of patience.  I had 3 collection agencies take a little over their 30 day promise it would be deleted ......


If they don't delete like the promised, YOU DO HAVE THE ABILITY TO DISPUTE.   I've disputed under the credit reporting agency's own option of "Creditor agreed to remove this account from my file."

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Re: Trident didnt delete

Please PM their email if possible. i would like to get this collection removed and am willing to PFD since its only $44. Pleale let me know.



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Re: Trident didnt delete

I'm in a similar situation with another CA.  They agreed to delete about 3 1/2 weeks ago but advised it could take 60 days to be reflected with the CRAs. So far, it is still on my EQ (as of yesterday).  I guess it takes some time for the reporting mechanics to work out. One more reason why collections are a pain in the you-know-where Smiley Sad

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