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Trying to clear up debts.

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Re: Trying to clear up debts.

It should be on your report. Have you pulled the reports from for free? The DOFD should be on all accounts listed on that report.

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Re: Trying to clear up debts.

I did it last month and the only one that they allowed me to see online was Experian. The others they told me I would have to mail in for. 


All I see on most of them is when the collection agency started reporting. And I've been reading that when a collection agency buys your debt the clock starts over. I'm really confused. 


For the second round on in particular all it say is that the OC is Juniper Bank, that the date opened was 11/2011, the date of status is 01/2012, reported since 01/2012 and that the last report date is 01/2012. It doesn't give me the FDOD at all. At the bottom in Account History it just says Collection as of January 2012. 


ETA: Okay. Here is the problem I think. There's a Barclays Bank Delware that may have been the OC? Because it has the original credit line of credit as $100 and a high balance of $706. And then it says it was purchased by another lender which may have been Juniper? So the Second Round report that has Juniper as the OC has a high balance of $706 and it also say the credit limit was $706? Does that mean it just started over since it's several different accounts on my CR? 


ETA2: Also the Northland letter offering the Second Round Up/Juniper/whatever settlement sent the letter 11/16/2012, should I still send a DV even though the 30 day window has probably expired? I'm so lost I feel like I'll never be able to rebuild and achieve a good credit score. 

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