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Trying to figure out DOLA...

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Trying to figure out DOLA...

Date Opened:

Date of Status:
Reported Since:
Last Reported Date:

Monthly Payment:

Credit Limit:
High Balance:
Recent Balance:
Recent Payment:



This is a charged off Cap1 acct. I believe my DOLA is Oct 06 which would mean next month it would reach SOL in my state. 


This is what is reported on my EX report.  What would my DOLA activity be?

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Re: Trying to figure out DOLA...

It sounds like you're confusing DOFD with DOLA. DOFD, or date of first delinquency, is the date that defines both your credit reporting period and the SOL. The DOLA is simply the last date your file was updated.  DOFD isn't listed on thrid party reports; you would have to get your credit report directly from the bureaus to get the date. However, know that Cap1 is notorious for suing right before SOL expires.

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Re: Trying to figure out DOLA...

I've heard that too, thats why I'm researching this....


So, the SOL starts from the DOFD... Here is a copy of my EQ report, directly form their website. What do you think? Also, the initial credit limit and balance at the time I defaulted was $1900. Now the balance is over $5000 cause they've kept on adding fees. Would they sue for the initial balance or the balance that has accrued over the last 4 yrs?


Account Owner:Individual Account. High Credit: 
Type of Account Revolving loans have an amount owed which varies from month to month, like a credit card.:RevolvingCredit Limit:$2,000  
Term Duration: Terms Frequency:Monthly (due every month) 
Date Opened:05/2004  Balance:$5,080  
Date Reported:08/2010 Amount Past Due:$5,080  
Date of Last Payment:10/2006 Actual Payment Amount: 
Scheduled Payment Amount: Date of Last Activity:N/A
Date Major Delinquency First Reported:07/2007 Months Reviewed:75
Creditor Classification: Activity Description:Closed
Charge Off Amount:$2,684  Deferred Payment Start Date: 
Balloon Payment Amount: Balloon Payment Date: 
Date Closed: Type of Loan:Credit Card 
Date of First Delinquency:11/2006 
Comments:Charged off account,
Account closed by credit grantor  
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Re: Trying to figure out DOLA...

According to whats shown there, it gives your DOFD as 11/2006, which gives you a couple of months to SOL if it's four years in your state. If they sue, they're going to sue for the accrued amount. This doesn't mean you won't be able to settle for less, but if a suit is files, it will be for whatever the balance is at that time.

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