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Trying to get incorrect Verizon lates off of reports

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Trying to get incorrect Verizon lates off of reports

I disputed online on a verizon account that showed a +90 late. Verizon verified, but I know I was not late. According to them, the account was in March 2007 90+ days late, I turned of phone service in October 2007 due to a move. They reported that the late was paid in jan 08.

I dont see how I could be 90+ days late in March, the balance remains till January, but my phone service did not get shut off. They sent me my final bill in November 07, which got paid immediatly. That was the last bill I paid for this account. I never payt a bill in January.

I disputed with Experian, it came back verified, I tried a second time and I could not do it online they gave me a address to send my dispute to. So I sent in a dispute via usps with CRRR and they dont pick it up. I just called the usps and they say it has not been picked up and will be retuned in a few days. Is that another strategy of the CRA? I dont know what else I should do.

This late does not effect my score to bad, but I want it removed, I know I was not late.

edit: this post was split off from an old thread on General Credit issues called "I need Experian's dispute phone number with a credit report number" in order to start its own thread. Also added paragraphs for clarity. Smiley Happy

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Re: Trying to get incorrect Verizon lates off of reports

Since they can send the OC DV letter to them...
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