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Trying to get the truth from the CA


Trying to get the truth from the CA

I have an old (paid) collection account on which DOLA is 06/03. I've been trying to get it deleted, however the CA tells me that they can only delete if the OC gives them permission to do so.


Didn't the OC sell the debt to the CA in the first place? Why would the OC care if the CA deletes it?


So, is the CA telling me the truth? Can they only delete if the OC gives them permission?

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Re: Trying to get the truth from the CA

Some CA's are assigned debt by the OC, meaning they were hired to collect.  In that instance the CA may have a policy that unless the OC agrees/is paid, they won't delete.  Of course, they could also be telling you complete jibberish and only saying this because they are in the business to collect debts, not delete them for any convience factor.


Unless it were a paid medical collection that you can use the HIPPA process, there isn't a lot of leverage for you to work with on a paid collection.  You can't PFD because it is paid.


Did you DV the collection account? 

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Re: Trying to get the truth from the CA

If DOLA is 6/2003.......what is the DOFD?



Have you tried sending the OC a GW letter,  explaining the situation and asking for permission for the CA to remove?

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