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Two issues.... advice welcome

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Two issues.... advice welcome

So, awhile back we had a student loan come off of deferment. This bank regularly sends those "account disclosures" and a ton of useless junk mail and solicitations, so I threw away the statements not realizing the loan was out of the deferment period. Called the creditor after 2-30's and a 60 day late, and she agreed to remove the lates as long as we paid on time from then on out. Well, it has been six months and all of the bureaus are flawless except Equifax. The creditor updated the bureaus, multiple times after I told her Equifax was not fixing it. So, after calling her maybe 4 times, I could tell she was tired of me calling and she told me to take it up with the CRA. So, once again, (round 4) I am RE-disputing these same 4 accounts (all with the same late history. Since I technically was late, there is not really any way for me to *prove* otherwise. Does anyone know of any way to get this rectified. I fear calling the creditor will just make her get annoyed and she could go in and change the other two bureaus back to negatives if she wanted to. I would love to hear any ideas you all have. After the dispute, the EQ score jumped from 483 to 519, so those lates are taking a toll on the score.


Secondly, does anyone know why Capital one isn't updating on EQ? The other bureaus all updated between the 5-7th. I really want to see what my score will be with the lowered util. (went from 100% to 75%). I am starting to think they won't update at all this month. It's killing me to wait! 


My only other fixable issue is paid medical collections. I have about 8 of them. I have disputed them, asked for PFD, etc, and I have had no luck. I left two accounts unpaid so that I would have some leverage with them in trying to get a PFD. However, the time has come for me to pay these jerks. The whole thing that sucks is that they took ONE bill, and they listed each line of the bill as a seperate account. I have tried telling them that this was equvilant to capital one listing each item I charged on the same card as 'past due' if I missed a payment. I called the OC about this as well, and they stood by the CA and said they have no control over what is reported. I am at a loss, as this is really the only other thing that is killing our scores. HIPAA failed me. I recieved nothing in reply to my letters, and this is the only medical collections we have. Does anyone have any ideas for an alternate here? I also thought about trying to get the collection agency to let me "hire" their in house attorney to get them deleted. I have heard of getting things vacated, and I was thinking maybe if I waived some money at them they would let me get it "vacated." I know this is not technically what a vacated debt is, but I thought they may look at me as stupid, see dollar signs, and accept the money in order to delete the accounts. Ideas folks? Input is appreciated! 

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