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UPDATED*Help with Equifax

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Google it and ask for the credit card department.

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Re: *UPDATED* Help with Equifax Disputes

Equifax giving me hard time for removing chase and discover. The other bureaus removed the negatives except them. They made the utilization effect my credit when before it was not doing that. I called chase and they agreed to send a letter in my regard and will send me a letter to confirm the sent letter to the bureau. 1-3days and for my letter 7-10days. 


As for Discover, I called them and they said they have no record of my social security in their files, nor am I on the card in question. However, they said they can't send a letter on my behalf because I am not a customer. I thought it was the law? That was normal customer service. called there self account managers. Anyway, I was upset so I sent an updated letter to equifax via fax. I had some typos and sent total of three correcting the other ones. Anyway, let me know what to do

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Re: UPDATED*Help with Equifax

Send a dispute letter to each credit agency requesting they delete as the debit is not your responsibility and explain you were just a authorized user. You could try to direct dispute but only problem is you don't know what Lexington law used as reasons. So I would do certified letter if doesn't work then file a consumer finace complaint. I haven't had any trouble getting these type deleted. Student loans that are reporting wrong have been my nemesis
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Re: UPDATED*Help with Equifax

At same time can send letters to discover and chase.
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Re: UPDATED*Help with Equifax

Amethystfairy wrote:
At same time can send letters to discover and chase.

I have been standing on the roof and screaming about this since yesterday. I got a very hard time from EQ last month when requesting an EE. EX gave me a little less hassle but still said NO.


Friday I decided to go back in and give it a shot and the following link outlines the process and result of my persistence with EQ and, not sure why, EX followed suit.

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Re: UPDATED*Help with Equifax

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Re: UPDATED*Help with Equifax

Yes, still send the letters out. Give yourself as many options as possible.
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