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URGENT HELP NEEDED!!! BOA Credit Card acct


Re: URGENT HELP NEEDED!!! BOA Credit Card acct



I did some more digging and here it is:


-In early 2009, I called BOA and closed the account.  This war reflected correctly on all 3 credit reports until this summer (2013) when they changed it back to "open." 

-I called Equifax and spoke to one of their reps and he told me BOA had updated info this summer not only changig the "closed by consumer" but also changing the original charge off date of 2009 to 11/2012 AND reporting payments I never made in 2011 AND 2012 with a NEW DOLA of 11/2012.


-Also, BOA had not reported any activity on account since charge off until this summer.  My husband also had a BOA card and since we were both unemployed at the time, he also stopped making payments.  However, they have not reported anything on his account since 2009 so I don't buy that they report non-payments even if the account is closed.

-CRA's are also in trouble because when a person files a dispute, they are supposed to get proof from the creditors to prove their info is correct. I find it interesting that the CRA's were VERY quick to reply to my disputes saying BOA has responded and their information would not be changed.  I had not made a payment since 10/08!!!  There is no way they had any proof of me making payments over the last two years because I never made any!!


-Also, I found out it was this summer that BOA "transferred" the account to PRA.  I was told by the attorney it was Track America.  However, when I asked BOA to send me chain of title, they refused and said they did not have to give me any info.  I asked again, if the account had been sold or just trasnferred and they refused to answer.


-I am trying to get a hold of a good attorney in town but with it being so close to Xmas, it has been next to impossible!!

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