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USAA refusal of late payment removals after numerous attempts

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USAA refusal of late payment removals after numerous attempts

Hey guys, I just wanted to see if anyone had success with removal of late payments with USAA. Essentially, I had helped a couple of family members and had maxed out my USAA card a couple of years back. When it was time to pay for the cards, I wasn't able to because I had lent all of my available funds to family members which caused 3 late payments on my report from my USAA credit card. Back in April I had contacted the office of the CEO and they had stated that they would be looking into this matter and a week later stated that it is not in their bank policy to do goodwill adjustments. Just this month (OCT 2020), I had again tried to dispute these payments but USAA told me the same thing even after speaking with 5 people from the office of the CEO. Has anyone had any success with them? 

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Re: USAA refusal of late payment removals after numerous attempts

USAA (or any bank, for that matter) has no obligation to remove late payments.


That said, acts of goodwill take several CMRRR letters to the EO, perhaps several phone calls. If you don't like the answer you get over the phone, HUCA. If your letter goes unanswered, write another.


You have to keep plugging at it, but know in advance that requests made to them should explain why you were late in the first place, and steps you are taking to assure things like this do not happen again. From there, they can either keep the lates or remove them at their leisure.

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Re: USAA refusal of late payment removals after numerous attempts

By dispute do you mean you actually formally disputed the late payments via the CB's? If so, that's not the way to do it. Writing GW letters/calling/emailing like you had been doing is the way to go. Disputing accurate information will only hurt you, and also it goes against the MyFICO forum's Terms of Service.

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