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United Collection Bureau (UCB) GW success

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Re: United Collection Bureau (UCB) GW success

jlcoppag wrote:

rckstrscott wrote:

jlcoppag wrote:

Hi Scott,


I currently have an account that is paid off with UCB. Could you PM me possibly the letter and address of where you send your GW letter. I am in the process of repairing my vredit and hoping to find the same success as you did with them.




No magic on this one, honestly.


I just used the address listed on the credit report and send a very standard GW letter asking for the removal.


Good luck!




I'll keep you posted!

Awesome! I do have a name on the letter, but the addy was the same.. LEt me know if it works, and if it doesn't I'll see if I can peice together any additional information!



Starting FICO Score: 10/10: TU 498 | EQ: 502 Current FICO Score(lender pull): 09/14: TU: 784 | EQ: 752 | EX: 784
Collections Removed: Hunter Warfield, CBE Group, Merchants Credit Guide, EOS-CCA, Enhanced Recovery, Portfolio Recovery, UCB, American Collection Company, Medical Business Bureau, Jefferson Capital, Credit Portfolio Associates, FCO, LVNV, Convergent, Armor Systems
Other Negative Entries Removed:Plains Commerce CO, HSBC CO, 2008 Judgment Santander Reposession

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