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Unpaid $171 Medical Bill

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Unpaid $171 Medical Bill

I was contacted by a collection agency (Peter Roberts and Associates, Inc) about an unpaid medical bill totaling $171 dollars.  I had no idea about this bill until it showed up on my credit report.  I asked them to verify the debt (which they did) but will not accept a PFD.  


I'd really like to get this off of my report and have the money to pay for it.  The debt is from a hospital visit at Harvard Vanguard in Boston.  When I go onto the hospital's website, it gives me the options to pay a bill using the account number (provided on the DV letter Peter Roberts provided).  Is there a possibility that if I pay it through their website I can dispute the debt with the CA saying it was paid?  


HELP! What should I do.  I'd like to pay the debt regardless (because I owe it), but don't want to make a mistake doing the wrong thing.  




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Re: Unpaid $171 Medical Bill

You may pay the OC (Hospital) and then dispute with the CRAs.... but it is likely the CA will only update the records to "Paid". After this you may write the OC (Hospital) to request their CA to remove the account.  The CA may / may not do that - in fact, they are not required to delete upon payment, unless there is a written agreement signed by an authorized representative. 


I suggest you follow the HIPAA dispute process - we are not allowed to discuss it on this board, but you can google it and get more information.

Alternatively, you may contact the OC, and ask if they can recall the debt (from the CA) for you to pay them.


All the best - Oyiwaa

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Re: Unpaid $171 Medical Bill

Can anyone help me with the steps of the Hippa Process???  



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Re: Unpaid $171 Medical Bill

Google HIPAA Dispute and you'll find proper course. 

Its frowned upon to discuss on this forum I believe. 

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Re: Unpaid $171 Medical Bill

Defiantly use the HIPAA process before paying or you will be stuck with a "paid" negative item on your report and it will not help your score at all.You can go in the upper box and type on Hipaa dispute process.

Also, most hospitals I have found to be great abut removing items from the credit report when requested, especially when it is an old debt. 

Good luck 

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Re: Unpaid $171 Medical Bill

If it was me I would just pay the CA in full then send a GW letter asking kindly to delete the account.  Most CA's are leniant towards medical bills

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