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Unpaid medical collection just appeared!

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Unpaid medical collection just appeared!

I need help. I just had a collection hit my account, it is from a hospital bill from several years ago, it is for $76. I can pay this in full today and I want it deleted. Do I call the hospital or the colletion agency? How can I get this fixed ASAP???
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Re: Unpaid medical collection just appeared!

The medical debt forum was discontinued last May. May I suggest you google "the HIPAA letter process". You should find everything you need. Good luck!!!
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Re: Unpaid medical collection just appeared!

You can use the HIPAA process like Fused suggested.

Or you can send the CA a PFD(pay for delete) letter.

A PFD letter is a agreement that you pay for exchange for delete from your CR's. 

Check out the link below What Steps Do I Take? DV?PFD?

It goes in to great detail ..... If you have other questions let us know. Smiley Wink

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