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Unsure about medical collections

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Unsure about medical collections

In the process of rebuilding- wanted to get my scores up for a car note- Made a few mistakes here and there and have decided to rectify them.


I pulled the my CRs, and found I have 15 listed medical collections- most I didnt even know I had. 10 of them are from the same collection agency- and are 5 repeats. IE: Date of service, dofd and amounts are all the same - either 2 listed at 224, 2 listed at 98, 2 listed at 86, 2 listed at 387, 2 listed at 409.  My guess is that there has been a mistake. Im not sure what is the best- if I DV, do I risk restarting the clock? (3 years left of SOL). If they come back valid- is it better to pay the clinic (DV would force them to give me the account number and the OC) thus cutting off the CA , and file disputes with the CB (as I have seen mentioned in other forums). Would a PFD be better? I also have this issue with a different collection agency - listing 2 claims at 28.00 for what appears to be the same bill. Thats 12 out of 15 that should only be 6.




Also, I have 2 collections still being reported on from my bk7- 2012 medical collections. The last day it was reported was 2/2014- but shouldnt that be off the CR now? Should I dispute with the CB?


I really want to get back on track- Im not sure if fighting and getting collections off my report is worth it? I have a utilization issue; so I am working on that as well.

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Re: Unsure about medical collections

Who are the collection agencies? I just went through this and was able to do a pfd. If you provide more information it can give us more insight.

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