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Unsure of next steps. Suggestions?

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Unsure of next steps. Suggestions?

Hey all,


So I've made a lot of progres in the last few months. I've knocked my list of collections down from 9-10 on each CRA to 1 on all of them. It's a $3600 broken lease handled by RentDebt, and they absolutely will not budge. I've tried sending PFD letter, calling everyone from a standard rep to the EO of both the collection agency and the OC, and absolutely nothing can be done. The DOFD is 8/2010, so it's scheduled to fall of next year, but Id really like this gone before February, as I plan on moving out of state at the time, and want my credit in a good spot by then.


My scores have gone up from the low 500s pretty nicely. Experian and Equifax are much lower than transunion, stuck around 575-580, while Transunion's at 625 as of today.


I have two student loans that I defaulted on and then refinanced (I never had anyone contact me about the default, so I applied for the income-based repayment plan with Nelnet, which is apparently a consolidation/refinance), and they've been in good standing (though unpaid) for about 6 months now. They're higher than their original balances at this point because of interest, but I'm basically free to not pay until May. Should I make a decent-sized payment on these? Would that boost my score any?


The lates on those loans won't be going anywhere soon. Nelnet doesn't do GW deletion, and there's about 14 120+ day lates on my loans up until March of this year. Strangely enough, there's another company, showing as US Dept of Edu/GSL/ATL showing the same initial balance/opening date for my loans, but they only have one late reporting each and are showing as closed. They're only on Experian and Equifax, Nelnet knows nothing about them, and I've tried and failed to get these duplicate loans removed multiple times.


Lastly, I have three accounts; Cap One Secured, Discover it secured, and a FingerHut FreshStart account that I'm pretty sure just graduated to a real retail card. They've only been around for about 3 months now, but so far so good on paying the bill on time and keeping my utilization low.


Does anyone have any other suggestions for ways to improve my scores in the next 5 months? I also applied to NFCU with the San Diego League thing as my way in. Haven't heard back from them except for them asking me for my documents. With my scores, could I get approved for any of their products, or would I need to wait a few months before applying for anything to try and get my scores up more?


Sorry for the wall of text, I'm just at a loss for what I should do, and could really use some guidance. Thanks.

Starting scores (5/2016): TU - 456, EQ - 403, EX - 412

Current Scores (10/3/2016): TU - 633, EQ - 610, EX - 603
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Re: Unsure of next steps. Suggestions?

You are doing great!! Sometimes the only thing left to do is to be patient and garden. I think you are at that point. Cleaning it all up by February is probably a bit optimistic. But hey, 5 months of gardening can grow some fruit bearing vines. 

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Re: Unsure of next steps. Suggestions?

Look into goodwill deletion with nelnet, some have had success with it (research these forums for contact info). Better to try just in case.

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