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Unsure where to start :/

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Unsure where to start :/

After moving and settling in my third state with a steady job I am now ready to repair my credit. I have done so much research and have read so many blogs that my head is spinning and now I am confused and don't know where to start so any info or opinions would be helpful. Since I have had many addresses over the past few years I have not received any debt collector letters, but obviously have debt on my credit report. So without receiving letters that I am sure were sent I have missed the validation period correct?? Should I send validation letters? Ask for settlements? go with a credit repair company? have the credit reporting companies investigate the items? please help?!?

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Re: Unsure where to start :/

Good things to know are the DoFD of each account, SOL for suing for the state you reside in, if the debt is a collection, who owns the debt, the CA or the OC, who is reporting the debt, the OC, CA or both.


Each of the above can be a factor in how you tackle each TL.


Have you pulled each CR from ?  You get a free one every 12 months from each CRA.



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