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Update - WOW

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Update - WOW

I just wanted to update my progress for anyone that is interested. I started my journey to better credit on 9/6/2012 roughly. Less than 30 days ago.


As of this morning, I have had SIX collections removed from Experian and 4 from Transunion. Equifax is not reporting any collections for me (which is a good thing). Two of the deleted collections were from a dispute I made not more than 48 hours ago. I was surprised at how fast they came off.


I was looking at my report with despair just at the beginning of the month. I am now happy to say that SIX of TWELVE collections (newer ones mind you) are gone. Will they return? I have no idea, but I'm going to enjoy this moment while I can. I still have 6 collections to go mind you, but it is a hell of a lot better to see "6 potential negatives" on my report with a drop date of 2014 than seeing "12 potential negatives" with a drop date of 2017.


 I don't think they will return because most of those collections were legit misreporting. Such as a Verizon bill where they billed me even though the installer never showed up to install the phone. It's gone !!!

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Re: Update - WOW

Nice update!!!  Good job!

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July 2013 score:
EQ FICO 819, TU08 778, EX "806 lender pull 07/26/2013
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Re: Update - WOW


BK Filed 7/1/12 --- EX: 494 EQ: 505 TU: 505
10/12 EX: 599 EQ: 599 TU: 599

BK Discharge 10/23/12
Cap1 $3000 (AU) / NFCU Visa $500

GOAL #1: 660
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Re: Update - WOW

Congratz! I'm on a similar path. I hope it goes as well!

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Re: Update - WOW

Awesome...I've halfed mine and my hubbies collections numbers too! I cannot wait for June 2015...Everything negative will be gone and we will be sitting pretty with 2 car loans, 1 installment loan and 10 credit cards between the two of us!!! =o)

Starting Scores:
Lender Pull 7/10/2012 EQ 585 EX 617 TU 551
8/2012 MyFico EX 598 01/2013 EX 608 2/2013 EX 620 Smiley Surprised)
9/12/2012 624 (Fico Discover)
02/7/2013 660 (Fico Wally)
At least I'm heading in the right direction!!!

Goal Score:740+, home loan and Get rid of subprime cards!!!

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Re: Update - WOW

congrats to you....Happy dance...

Starting Score: 565
Current Experian Score: 634 (Lender pull)
Current Equifax Score: previous 668, 680 as of 11/12/13 lender pull
Current Transunion Score: previous 675,677 as of 09/23/13
Goal Score: 750

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Re: Update - WOW

Thats good work.  I am on a rebuilding path as well.. I have 2 macys (man are they stubborn about past payments) and two medical collections.  On the positive I have opened a slate card a cap 1 secured card and am an AU on a slate and freedom

Cap1Secured $700 | Chase Slate $700 | Amazon Store $5000 | Discover IT $7000 | Lowe's $8000 | AmEx BCE $20000 | Freedom $3000
November 2014 (myFICOs): Equifax 717 TransUnion 725 Experian 717
January 2014 (myFICOs): Equifax 675 TransUnion 661 Experian 723
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Re: Update - WOW

Thanks guys.


While one might be added back on, I am happy today to have all these gone for the moment. Feels good, hope they stay off.



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