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Using a cashiers check to pay off collections

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Using a cashiers check to pay off collections

Hi, hopefully this question is not too silly or overly detailed. I am starting to pay off some of my collections. I have read the advice about not using a personal check or credit card which I agree with as do not want any CA to know my bank account number or credit card numbers. Some of the advice on here says to use a money order.


My collections are fairly large and I dont want to carry cash to place where they sell money orders. My bank typically will sell me certified checks that do not reference my account number and that way I can get a bank/certified check drafted right at my bank. I am assuming if something goes wrong like the CA says they never got the payment that there is a process for getting a copy of the canceled cashiers check or replacing it as long as I keep the receipt. Just wanted to double check and make sure paying collections in this manner wouldn't cause any problems. I tend to sweat the small stuff too much and wondering if I am doing that now lol! 



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Re: Using a cashiers check to pay off collections

Sounds OK to me.  Smiley Happy

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Re: Using a cashiers check to pay off collections

I used money order, no problems.  

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