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Verizon Collections for Unreturned equipment

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Verizon Collections for Unreturned equipment

Verizon sent me to collections for $300 to EOS CCA over an unreturned internet router. I have several verizon routers in my posession, most purchased outright. Verizon won't speak to me, refers me to this collections agency. Is there anyway I can get verizon to take back this router? ( I would need to find out the serial #, but verizon won't speak to me). In the meantime, I sent a validation request letter to EOS CCA.

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Re: Verizon Collections for Unreturned equipment

Verizon stores scan the tag on the equipment.

Bring it all to a Verizon FIOS store and let the scan them all hopefully you will find the right one and they will still take it back.

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Re: Verizon Collections for Unreturned equipment

If they still won't take equipment back I'd mail it to them with a certified receipt. Then I'd dispute it with the bureaus and submit the mail receipt as proof (highlight the weight of equipment on the receipt).
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Re: Verizon Collections for Unreturned equipment

I would personally being the salty indiviudal I would contact their debt collector, and ask for Paid In Full, and settle for 100 bucks.


They want their money, or equipment. Settle for the lowest dollar.

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Re: Verizon Collections for Unreturned equipment

Taking back the equipment will end your continued period of owing a debt to the creditor, but will not per se remove the fact of your delinquency in having done so, and thus wont require deletion of any delinquencies reported by the creditor, or of any collection reported by a debt collector.  


Just returning the equipment thus will not per se result in removal of the fact of your prior deliquency in having done so, and wont serve as basis for filing a dispute with the CRA contesting the accuracy of the reported collection.

If the debt collector closes the collection and updates the balance to $0, that is all that is required under the FCRA.


If your DV request was timely, then the debt collector is now under a bar prohibiting them from conducting any collecion activities, including negotiation of a pay for deletion or settlement, until they have first sent the requested debt validation.  

They are under no period or requirement to send validation, and until they have done so, you are now in limbo regarding any negotiations with them.


What is the debt collector asserting to be the amount of the debt?

Has the debt collector either sent a dunning notice or reported their collection to a CRA?


Are they charging additional fees or interest, or is simply return of the equipment sufficient satisfaction of the asserted debt?

It is difficult to advise on what is needed to remove the indebetness until it is clear what they are asserting to be the debt.

Have they sent dunning notice?  If so, what is the asserted debt?


If the debt is indeed valid and you wish to negotiate a pay for deletion (or pay for not reporting if they have not yet reported), are you willing to cancel your request for debt validation, which will then permit you to negotiate with them?



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Re: Verizon Collections for Unreturned equipment

Went through this in 2012

Didn’t send back their Fios router and Verizon reported me as a collection account

I requested boxes with shipping labels and sent everything back, they shortly after removed the account from my credit report.
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