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Verizon - EOS CCA ..Need Advice Please :)

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Verizon - EOS CCA ..Need Advice Please :)

Ok, long story short....I have an old Verizon account (divorce situation, battling it for years) that has been on my CRA's for two years now. Showing closed account. $2100.00


Yesterday, I received a letter from EOS saying the OC has offered to accept $1400 (65%) of total due. This is the first letter I've received from EOS, and it wasn't

even sent to my house. It was sent to my mother-in-laws. Here's my question(s):


1. Should I start by doing a DV with EOS? If so, can someone PM me a good DV letter? I know this account is mine, however I do believe the total amount is incorrect.


2. I wouldn't mind paying the $1400, but only if it will be deleted from all 3 CRA's.


Anyway, just don't know where to start, so any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!

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Re: Verizon - EOS CCA ..Need Advice Please :)

Collections do not go away.  They just keep bugging you for money.  EOS seems pretty easy to work with, see if they will PFD. 


EOS didn't report to all three bureaus for me, just one.  EQ I believe.

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