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I have about had it with these clowns and the credit reporting agencies. We closed an acocunt back in January 2015, and paid off the balance with gift cards we received from sprint. Well, they sent the account o a collection company in 2017 saying we owed them over $2000. We never received a bill or statement or anything stating we owed money. And, there's no way we owed that much. I've tried contacting them to get documentation stating how we owe this and I've received nothing. So, I disputed the charges. This may, another ding hits my husbands's Verizon. So, now there's two Verizon accounts on his report, and now they're saying he owes over $3000. I just can't with them anymore. I submitted a complaint with the cfpb, who then forwarded it to the FTC. I am really hoping something comes from this soon. This is ridiculous and I don't appreciate that they think they can just ruin peoples credit with this. Has anybody had any luck with them? Or do you have any advice for me? We are building a home that is due to be completed in about two months. I am panicking trying to get this crap off of here!


Re: Verizon

Might be time for a consumer credit lawyer if you have proof this is bogus.

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