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Very confused!!!!!

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Very confused!!!!!

Okay guys, I decided to pull three credit reports and scores from Experian.


Credit scores: Transunion: No score/ Experian: No score/ Equifax: 729


The reason is as follows. I had a collection account with Portfolio recovery which I disputed and had deleted. The original creditor, Wells Fargo, is still showing on the account. On Transunion is is showing as a charge off purchased by another lender. The same rings through with Experian, though it is just reported as closed. On Equifax, it is OPEN and PAYS ACCOUNT AS AGREED!!!! This accounts for the high plus score (though the FICO score is 629; I dont think it is updated)


I have no other accounts at the moment, though I just got approved for a secured credit card from capital one and added as an AU on a BOA card. Got denied a Walmart card today Smiley Sad


Should I contact Wells Fargo???

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Re: Very confused!!!!!

Hi and Welcome to the forums,


Whats the reason for the dispute with the CA?


Your dispute was with the CA(Collection Agency) reporting, not with the OC(Original Creditor)and their reporting.

The CA has nothing to do with, how the OC reports and vise versa.


If you contact the OC (wells fargo) they may update the info with EQ (Equifax) to a CO (Charge off), like they are reporting with TU and EX, which would result in your score to drop.

Is the reporting of the CO, correct?

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Re: Very confused!!!!!

Yes that is correct. I might just leave it. It is having a positive effect on my Equifax and its influence on TU and Experian is limited now as it is due to fall off in two years. It is also the only charge off/negative mark on my accounts. Waht do you think?

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