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Very excited this worked. Any more tips?


Re: Very excited this worked. Any more tips?

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Does EE also apply to late payments, bankruptcies and others?

PRs can be EEd as well. Late Payments in otherwise good accounts, no.

That's interesting. So if you have an account with a past history of lates, but recent on-time history, you just have to wait until the lates age off? Do creditors have to tell you the date of first delinquency, so you can track when the lates will age off? I have a couple of derogatory accounts I'd love to get into the satisfactory column.

Yes unless you want to have the whole account removed (if its closed) but why would you as it would become a net positive after the last late drops at the 7 year mark and before it is removed by the CRAs at a later date, AAoA is what overall gets helped with it remaining. The early exclusion came about as a way to have charged off, CAs and PRs removed without having to wait to the scheduled drop off date it was never used to included individual lates in a current pays as agreed account either open or closed. There is no DoFD for individual lates in a paid as agreed account one is only set if the account charges off. When you say derog accounts Im going to assume they are COs/CAs these will never be good accounts again and you should attempt the EE as the time approaches.

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Re: Very excited this worked. Any more tips?

@gdale6 wrote:

There is no DoFD for individual lates in a paid as agreed account

Ah that makes sense, thank you for clarifying. The accounts I mentioned are my two mortgages, both report in the, "Adverse," section of my CR. I was wondering what it would take to slide those across to the Satisfactory section. I think the answer is, "time." Does any late payment, even just one 30 day late, categorize an account as Adverse? Does the creditor report the Adverse vs Satisfactory status or is that determined by the CRA's own algorithms?

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