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Very frustrated!!!!


Very frustrated!!!!

Hi, I have gotten very frustrated and upset with these collections agencies not accepting my pay for deletes. It's almost like they would rather me just settle for pennies on the dollar and it still remain on my credit than accepting all or almost all of the money..... Very confused on this, I know they are just giving me a hardtime but I have literally ran out of time bc Im relocating. So I have decided to just settle $9000 worth of collections for $1500. So the question is, has anyone ever experienced their credit score go up a little once collections are settled, because even though the collections are still on your credit at the same time it reduces your debt ratio? And has anyone had any luck with goodwill letters after settling collections? I greatly appreciate any input, thanks in advance!!



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Re: Very frustrated!!!!

I know what you mean I am going through the same crap. This one is particular use to bug me all the time, now that I am making an offor it's like they are just avoiding me.. if they won't do the PFD fine but they won't even aknowldge it or counter offer. It's almost as if they don't even want the money now that I am confronting them about the debt. The other one with Verizon is just pointless, they must take it personal over there or something, same with them though when I started staying on them about settling the money owed they just ignore me, maybe it's just how these places are..

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Re: Very frustrated!!!!

Of course the best option would have been them accepting the PFDs.  However you're getting rid of $9000 worth of debt for $1500.  And it's gone and won't come back to haunt you.  How long until they fall off your account?  It could be worth it.  After they are paid, hit them with the GW letters!  Good Luck!

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