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Victoria's Secret Denied Goodwill Letter


Victoria's Secret Denied Goodwill Letter

I sent Comenity Bank a goodwil request letter about 3 weeks ago. I had (1) 30 and (1) 60 day late on my report. It was for 12/2019 and 01/2021. 

I hought I signed up for auto withdrawl and it didn't take for whatever reason. So after I found out, I paid them right away and they reduced my credit limit to $100. Today I get an email that they are raisng my credit to $250 and I thought my request was granted. But I just opened my mail to them writing that they could not grant my request. Never was late.

Why would they raise my limit but not grant my request? Perhaps a coincidence?

Below is what they wrote:

We are unable to fulfill the request on your Victoria's Secret credit card account.

Dear ,
We're Comenity Bank and we handle credit-related on your Victoria's Secret credit card account.
We are unable to approve your request for a goodwill adjustment on your payment history.
We can only remove or change information that our company incorrectly furnished to the credit reporting
If you have a doubt about the accuracy of the information we are reporting, please provide
additional documentation/proof to the address listed at the bottom of this letter.
Thank you for reaching out to us.
We truly value your business - and we apologize for any inconvenience. If you have questions about this,
please contact us at the address listed at the bottom of this letter.
Customer Care team

What gives?




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Re: Victoria's Secret Denied Goodwill Letter

Welcome @brian1133 

GW success with banks is less than 1%. Charge offs 0.00- 0.01%. Probably even less than that from people who dont join and become a member here and do it on their own. All you can do is keep trying and hope it lands on the right desk.

Homeowner Sept 2020. 2021 Explorer ST Chase 3.1%. Sharing my recovery after BK from learning here. Started 540's. EX FICO 9 801 as of 05/03/2023. I stayed around to pay it forward for those who helped me back then.
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Re: Victoria's Secret Denied Goodwill Letter

Thanks for the reply!I did use a slightly differently worded example someone in the forums. It was an old post that I happen to come across about  month ago.


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