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I sent a GW letter to WFNNB asking to delete a Victorias Secret account (closed and paid in 2006) and an Express account also paid in 2006. I received a letter back saying my Express account has been deleted from their database due to inactivity. Since this is no longer in their database, do I now send a follow up letter/call asking for this to be removed again?  What steps should I take?


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Re: WFNNB-Express

While I do not have experience in your situation with WFNNB, I thought I read several times they do not keep records past a few years. If they have no information on you or the account I would send a direct dispute with them (creditor/lender). There is an example of direct dispute in the forums, just do a search for it. If you can not find it searching, it may be in your best interest to PM RobertEG for an example of it.  Good Luck

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Re: WFNNB-Express

Hi buckeye!

Agree with JM-AM.

They have probably opened the door for you to get a slam-dunk deletion of this information from your credit file, with ONLY ONE IMPORTANT PROVISO.

I certainly dont suggest that you manufacture, or falsely-state, that their prior reportring was inaccurate. 

(It does become more difficult to dispute the accuracy of information once you acquiesce by payment)

But if you have any information upon which you can dispute the accuracy of their prior reporting, and include that within a dispute of the accuracy of their reporting under FCRA 623(a)(8), and they cant verify, then credit reporting deletion is required.  Just something to now consider.

If you take this path, here is a sample letter that sets forth the obligations imposed on both you and the creditor:


“This is a Notice of Direct Dispute with you, under the provisions of FCRA §623(a)(8)(D), of the accuracy of information you have reported to my credit file.

       ►       (If sent to a debt collector, (CA), it might  be beneficial to also include the blurb:

       ►  “This is a direct dispute of credit reporting. This is not a request for debt
              validation/verification  under FDCPA §809(b).”.
                  (don’t let them just simply sluff it off as a meaningless  DV letter)

“In compliance with FCRA §623(a)(8)(D), and enacting regulations published at  16 CFR § 660.4, this Notice of Direct dispute includes:

 “Identification of the specific information being disputed:
           (specify the account number, and the specific information that is disputed under

             that identifying account)

Basis for the dispute:

            (how the reporting was inaccurate;    was any reporting in violation of any statutory or

             regulatory provisions?  account or express agreements?  CRA reporting gudelines? Account not

              yours? etc.)

Supporting documentation:

            (all documents that support your dispute; make sure to include,

             as part of your documentation, at least a copy of the portion only of your

             recent credit report showing their reporting of the disputed information was

              actually reported to your credit flle.  The implementing rule suggests a showing

               that it appeared in your credit report)


“Under the provisions of FCRA §623(a)(8)(E) and 16 CFR §660.4,, you have the duty to review all of the information I have provided to you,  to complete your investigation of this Direct Dispute within 30-days of my Notice of Direct Dispute,  and report back to me the results of your investigation within 5-days of your completion of your investigation.” 

“Should you find the disputed information to be inaccurate or incomplete, or you cannot verify the accuracy or completeness of the disputed information, you are additionally required, under FCRA §623(b)(1)(E), to promptly notify the credit reporting agencies of correction of this information, or of its deletion from my credit file.”



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