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WM/Cap 1 Late Removal

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WM/Cap 1 Late Removal

Hi, all!  I am seeking email information for the removal of a 30 Day late for a Wal Mart card (Serviced by Capital One). Long story short, I had some unexpected expenses earlier this year and attempted to catch up on my cards before the 30 day mark. Unfortunately, I paid two Cap One cards at the same time but one technically posted a minute after the cut off time, resulting in a 30 day late.


I have satisfactory history with the company and several previously open Cap accounts. I have never had any lates on my credit report, and this has tanked my score a bit. 

Any help is much appreciated. 

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Re: WM/Cap 1 Late Removal

Cap1 will let a GW here and there fall thru the cracks and have it deleted. Maybe 0.1%. Go to You'll find the address to send your GW letters to. Plead your case and hope for the best. Bout all you can do.

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Re: WM/Cap 1 Late Removal

From all the reading and research that has been done on Cap 1 by the members here it has been a hit and miss relationship for many.
As I often say though, if you don't try then the answers is always no. It can't hurt to write them a GW letter, if they decline, then try again.

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Re: WM/Cap 1 Late Removal

Try a goodwill letter or using an excuse like the autopayment feature failed. One 30 day late shouldn't be a big problem. 

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