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Wakefield and Associates - My Experience with PFD Request

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Wakefield and Associates - My Experience with PFD Request

Hi All


Just wanted to give my experience with Wakefield and Associates collections. They often collect medical debt.


I had two collections from them for about $430 total but with interest it was around $650 for both. After numerous calls to reps refusing to lower the amount and telling me they couldn't because it was something called CEP debt, whatever that means, I finally found a helpful woman who said she could reduce the amount by taking off the finance charge. After removing the finance charge, I allowed her to charge $430 roughly.


Prior to allowing her to charge the card, I asked if these collection accounts would be deleted from my report. From reading lots of threads on this forum and the internet, it was stated they would say yes, but not put it in writing, but that it would be done, you just have to trust them. Most people had it removed within a few days after payment. I thought they would remove the collections from my report within a few weeks.


After I paid, I waited a few weeks and it updated on my credit report $0 balance, paid. Ugh. No deletion.


I just wanted to let everyone know, a PFD is not always guaranteed with Wakefield. I don't know if I can recon at this point or if it even matters. I just wanted to warn everyone that your mileage may vary with this company. You roll the dice and take your chances. At the end of the day I am glad it shows paid, I am just annoyed they didn't remove it as promised.

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Re: Wakefield and Associates - My Experience with PFD Request

Yet may be deleted the usual procedure for CAs is to update to 0 and then in the next month delete.

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