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Walmart and other questions


Walmart and other questions

Can someone tell me the imediate impact on my score from opening a walmart card? Will it go down? or Will it go up with a new line of credit?


When you ask for a Capital one CLI is it a SP or a HP?


How can I get a 7 year credit report? most of them only do 24 months?



Thanks for your help

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Re: Walmart and other questions

    Start with pulling your FREE CR's from (ACR) . they tend to have more info on them, then ones from a 3rd   party.   The CR's from ACR, come directly from each of the CRA's. You can pull 1 Free CR from TU,EQ and EX every 12 months.


   Save your money and Don't Buy the Scores, they are what we call FAKO's.


With your new account from Walmart, you could see a bump or a drop.  Depends on your AAoA and your util.  Don't worry if it's a drop, it'll rebound quickly.

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Re: Walmart and other questions

My utility is at 10% on all my accounts and my AAoA is 5.5 I read that Walmart pulls TU my TU is at 667 right now so I think I should get approved.

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Re: Walmart and other questions

Almost all cli;s from Cap One are a HP. You can also purchase your credit report directly from the providers, Trans Union, Equifax, and Experioan. Each direct report will give you a seven payment history if this what you want. You can also purchase a " Tri-merged Report" which shows all three cras in one report. However for the max detail, go with a report purchased directly from each agency. Good luck!

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