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Ways to Delete Settled Capital One Charge-Off?

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Ways to Delete Settled Capital One Charge-Off?

So I have a Capital One chargeoff with a date of first delinquency of March 2005.  I settled the account and paid less than the full balance a few years ago, before I knew that this would reflect negatively on my credit report and I should have negotiated a "paid in full" status before paying the chargeoff.  Oh well, now I know better.


I was able to have Transunion completely delete the record based on the date of first delinquency being more than 5 years ago (I live in NY where the rule is paid in full collections of 5 years or more must be deleted), even though the account was settled for less than the full amount.  This was accomplished by requesting a dispute through Transunion over the phone.


I did the same for Experian, and Experian has refused to delete the record, and has just updated it to say settled, paid for less than full balance.


What should my next steps be to have the record deleted from Experian?  I have to believe that it is possible since Transunion was able to get it done.


Any suggestions?


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Re: Ways to Delete Settled Capital One Charge-Off?

If beyond certain that the DOFD was over 5 yrs ago, then I'd redispute with EX via mail (CMRRR) showing them two things: 1) a copy of the NY statute and 2) proof showing the 2005 DOFD. I read that others had issues with the NY CRTP and EX.

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