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Well, this sucks!

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Well, this sucks!

Was doing good on my rebuild. Paid the house and truck off, starting on the cards and our generator decides to die, on a Sunday! So just added a bit over 900 to the cards, now that's going the wrong way! No sun today, so needed the power. Oh well, now we have a good backup for the big generator. Just ticked me off with the timing.

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Re: Well, this sucks!

That's definitely a bummer on the timing. Don't get discouraged you've made a ton of progress. Plus you have a sweet new generator. 

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Re: Well, this sucks!

Little tip. Your employer pays you to do a job. Each payday. Pay yourself for working by putting 10% of your net into a savings account. It builds pretty quick. Thats your emergency funds. When something like that happens. Pay with a card that gives perks and the money to pay it off is in the bank. I did that for 6 yrs and it helped me buy a house. Just a thought.

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Re: Well, this sucks!

I do build savings every week, but just used almost all to pay off the house so am down to only about 400 that I can get, rest is in a 401k. I will pay off the cost of the generator this Friday, just wanted to get out of debt quicker!

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