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What happens when dispute hits 30days with no reply

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What happens when dispute hits 30days with no reply

Filed disputes on two bogus inaccurate paid charges off and they make 30 days tommrow with no reply back... they were filed online with the 3 cras

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Re: What happens when dispute hits 30days with no reply

Per the forum's FCRA guru, @RobertEG :


"The dispute process timeline under the FCRA does not require that the consumer receive results of a dispute within 30 days of filing. The process, from date of filing until date of receipt of decision, can routinely take up to approx 45-days.


In more detail, the FCRA sets a period of 30 days from date of filing for the CRA to conclude its investigation, unless the consumer sends additional communications regarding the dispute during the reinvestigation period, which will then extend the reinvestigation period to 45 days.


The CRA then has five business days after expiration of the reinvestigation period to make their decision and communicate their Notice of Results of Reinvestigation to the consumer.  Thus, it can be up to 38 days from filing, assuming a 30-day reinvestigation period, before the CRA is required to communicate their decision.  If the Notice is mailed, then an additonal 5'ish days is tacked on.


Thirty days from date of filing is too soon to assert lack of timely receipt of the Notice of Results of Reinvestigation. 


I would give it at least a month and a half."

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