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What next?

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Re: What next?

I got trigger happy last night with a few beers. I know I should have waited for my baddies to fall off. I'm regretting applying. Applied for nfcu rewards and approved! 700 sl! Should I ask for a higher limit??!! My first unscured card during my rebuild! Wait, first unsecured ever! Data points, 575 ex FICO. 2 active charge off- paid but hasn't update. 1 fp charge off for 400 bucks. Pf collection- paid but hasnt been removed yet. Midland funding collection- paid but hasn't updated. I'm not applying for anything for the next year!
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Re: What next?

Ok! A lot of progress this week! It feels good to say every collection and charge off has been paid.

Additionally, I called TransUnion and got an early exclusion on 4 bad student loans and the original mortgage lender.

After everything updates I'll have the following.

Cap one auto- handful of 30 day lates last year
First premier charge off -paid
Entergy utility bill charge off -paid

I'm hoping for a decent bump in scores, I'll keep everyone updated
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