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What now??


What now??

New member here and need to know what you all think.  I've lurked for about 3 months.  So here's the scoop..

I want to buy a home next summer so I've been working on my credit and such.  I was divorced about 3.5yrs ago and that took its toll, my ex made a substaintial amount of money and I don't make nearly that much. 

Lots of joint credits cards closed ect, ect

I have one credit card that has a 10k limit on it with 32% utilization and a retail card that has a 3k limit and a 2% utilization.  As part of the divorce I was ordered to take the student loan debt of 64k.  I am on the PLSF program and will apply for forgivness in Sept 2018.

I cosigned with my daughter for a car in the milldle of 2014 and was in the process of divorce in Nov 2014 and didnt finish up until 2016 with all of the assests and retirement ect.  Well my daughter was 30days late 5 times and I couldnt afford to make the payment in time so there are 5 bad marks.  A few collections that were paid in full that were medical but havent cleared reporting.  I own my cars outright so just have the credit cards and student loan....I don't owe anything else.

Now I know what you all will say about CK but I am getting 743 and 742 on them and 742 from capitol one.  Experian is saying 689 FICO. 

So here is the question....what, in your opinions, should I do if I want a FICO of 720+ going to the mortgage lender or is that even possible?

Thanks for the help everyone!

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Re: What now??

For the lates on the co-signed debt, send a good will request to the creditor, shedding some crocodile tears, and hope that they grant a good-will deletion, at least for your credit report.


For the medical collections that have been paid, were they paid by you out of pocket, or were they ultimately paid via insurance?

The new CRA policy regarding medical collections results in deletion of any medical collection if you show the CRA that they were paid via insurance.

Otherwise, send good will requests to the debt collector.

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