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What should I get rid of first?

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What should I get rid of first?

I have been working on my credit report for quite a while and need to make faster progress on raising my FICO score.  Which should I get rid of/work on first? 

1. Paying off my 2 tax liens;

2. Lowering my student loan balance;

3. Paying off my active credit card; or

4. Paying off my closed credit cards.



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Re: What should I get rid of first?

Beuller .... Beuller ....

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Re: What should I get rid of first?

Either item 1 or 4.

The seven year period under FCRA 605(a)(3) for drop off a a tax lien does not even begin until the lien is paid.  Tax liens are a major derog.

As for closed accounts with balances, what derogs were posted by the OC, and what are their normal drop off dates?  Was a CO reported?

What peril remains for escalating activity on their part, such as a charge-off, a colection referral, or even legal action?

FICO is not primarily about accounts, it is primarily about derogs under an account.


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