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What to do about LVNV

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What to do about LVNV

This is a paid collection.  LVNV continues to update the paid collection.  As a matter of fact it was updated as recently as 6/08 even though it was paid off in 04/06.  On some CBRs it shows up as "installment loan", "factoring", "120 days past due" etc.  The account reports under "revolving accounts or tradelines" and in collections on some CBRs. LVNV was paid $1214.00 to settle this account.
This was an account DD had with Sears...Sears shows 0 balance with high credit of $846.
Charged off, purchased by another lender, transferred sold.
So....if LVNV is a "factoring" account why did Sears count this as a charge off on one or two of the CBRs.  But that's not my real question....I was just wondering around in my head asking questions and that one stuck out more than the others?
The real question is....what should I do about these jerks?  DV them?  Just write an ugly letter about their reporting violations and tell them to delete? 
Any ideas?
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Re: What to do about LVNV

I'd send a GW letter first.
If that doesn't work and it is reporting inaccurately, dispute with the CRA or file complaint with BBB.
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