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What to do about these Negatives. HELP!

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What to do about these Negatives. HELP!

I've been working on rebuilding my credit out of college for almost a year now.  So far I've had some great success with getting ride of those negatives and cleaning up the mess I made in my early 20's.  Understanding the importance of credit has me determined to do fix my wrong doings.


I currently have 6 negatives on my report.  They're surely dragging my score down.


  • Defaulted Student Loan: $500 dollars.  I've been rehabbing this loan since earlier this year and cannot wait until it's showing as a positive factor on my report.  Just another few months to go!
  • 1st Financial Bank USA: Charge Off of $1,352; opening on 4/05.  They will drop off around July of 2013. 
  • BoA Card: Charge off $500; transferred to another lender or claim purchase.  Went into default October 2006
  • Peter Roberts and Associates: $114 medical bill.  I would like to get this taken care of but they keep refusing my PFD.  Any advice?
  • Midland Funding $171 T-Mobile Bill; refusing a PFD
  • Cavalry Portfolio Services: $1,671.  I Believe this is the BoA credit card I have.  Is it possible it's showing up on my credit report twice?


If you have any advice or contacts within these companies it would be greatly appreciated.  I'm really trying to finish cleaning up all of my past mistakes.




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Re: What to do about these Negatives. HELP!

The $1,352 charge off I would just wait for to fall off.

Probably a safe bet to wait on the BoA to fall off as well.

Peter Roberts you can probably try and pay the OC and ask them to have the collection company to delete after payment.

Did you send Midland a DV?

Your BoA was 500 dollars how would Cavalry have it as $1,671? Send them a DV.

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Re: What to do about these Negatives. HELP!

Thanks nfrederick for the response.


I did DV Midland, it's an accurate collection I do owe.


I contacted Cavalry about the debt.  They said it was in reference to a BoA debt they purchased.  I had a Clout card in 2005.  They went bankrupt and sold their accounts to BoA.  


I will definitely try and contact the Medical company to see if I can pay them directly.  I believe this will be my best bet.  

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Re: What to do about these Negatives. HELP!

Midland is a pain and report monthly.. Might be worth it just to pay so it's not hitting. Then GW it?

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