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What to write in a GW?


What to write in a GW?

Hello all!

I have seen a 19 point jump in EQ in about a 6-week time and a 23 point jump in TU in about 4 weeks!  (Scores Below) Wahoo...slowly but surely!  TU deleted FIVE collections accounts but EQ did not.  Weird but I guess that's what happens.  I have one 30-day late on a current loan that I have through my bank.  It was for an antique tractor that I bought in October 2007.  I only owe about $149 when I checked on the remaining balance Monday when I made my current payment (which is $75.34).  I basically have 2 more payments but am hoping to pay it off the end of this month!  Back to the other though, I had one 30-day late a year ago (Jul 2008)...I was wanting to wait until I paid off the loan and then was going to send a GW, but I wasn't exactly sure what to say.  Obviously I want the 30-day late removed....but what is the best verbage to use?  Any ideas or examples would be greatly appreciated.  How do they fix something like that with the CRA? 


EQ-end of June was 543-as of July 31-562

TU-July 7 was 518-as of Aug 5 was 541 (hoping to get approved for used auto loan on my own within next 3 months)

Thanks again! 

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