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What would be the best step to take...


What would be the best step to take...

Hey guys and gals, i've been with Tmobile since 2006. Back then i was in smartaccess- after a year i converted my account to a regular account. I got two bills ($127, $150) from them and i grabbed the one with the highest amount and paid that one. Seems like the $127 was from the previous account and $150 was for the new one.

Almost 3 years after i got the following alert... I haven't had a late payment in any account since 2007, and this collection is just not looking good. 


What do you guys suggest? 


Thanks in advanced


Original balance:$127Agency name:PINNACLE FINANCIAL GROUP
Current balance:$127Agency number:
Status (as of 8/1/2010:UNPAIDAgency industry:Not Reported
First delinquency:11/1/2007Original creditor:
Last payment:Not on Record  
Description:Not Reported
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Re: What would be the best step to take...

Hi, Furbz... a lot of questions!

If your first delinquency on the OC account was back 11/2007, as they apparently assert, is that your DOFD?  . What communications did you have with them since then?

Any final bill from the OC?

When did the CA, apparently Pinnacle, post first to your CR?

When did the CA, Pnnacle, initially post to your CR, or otherwise have any initial communication with you?  Did they ever provide you with a formal, written, collection (dunning) notice, as required under FDCPA 809(a), within 5-days of their intiatl commmunication or posting?

Those are the items that are relevant to disputes and DV letters.  Can you provide the full history?

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