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Whats next to increase mortgage score

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Whats next to increase mortgage score

So about 8 months ago I did a loan to pay off all my charge offs.


I went from the low 500s to 

Experian fico 8 is 604

the mortgage 2 score is 680

Equifax fico 8 is 635

My navy federal app is 686


I have a loan that my Mom co-signed with me that is 13,280. Paying that monthly.


I'm a authorized user on my Wife navy federal card which has a 25k limit but we always keep it under 2% utilization.



What else can I do to get my scores up. Trying to build a house...we can buy all day long but in order to build I need to be low 700s

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Re: Whats next to increase mortgage score

I do wanna add I have BK7 that's gonna fall off on 11/14/ 24


We thought about holding off on our home building until then anyways to see if Interest rates will come down. And in the mean time getting a small auto loan to pay off in 12 months

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Re: Whats next to increase mortgage score

You might want to try to pay down that loan as much as possible and unless you just have to have the car loan right now, I'd avoid any new loans or accounts as they're going to ding your scores more. If you can't get that loan paid down enough, you might want to also consider just waiting until next year when you can see the BK start to come off your reports with an EE from TU in June and Sept for EX. Once that falls off, combined with reducing your loan balance, you should see a significant bump in your scores.

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Re: Whats next to increase mortgage score

In regards to that loan.


This sounds morbid but it stuff we have had to talk about. My grandmother is not doing well at all. When and if something happens my mom is going to pay off that loan. We don't know when that will happen but it's one of those things where her health it would almost be for the best. 


I hate saying it like that but she has bad dementia and is currently bed ridden

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