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Whats the difference in term of score


Whats the difference in term of score

Whats the difference in terms of fico score for getting a collection PIF, PIS, and deleted? I was in the process of taking care of some collections 1 company told me they would delete it so I asked for a written statement and they said they will do that. the other 2 said they will report in PIF and that I can give them a written letter to submit to the CB to request it to be removed. If you PIF and send a letter requesting it to be removed to CB does that ever work? What actions can i take to try to get the collection creditors to delete my collection?  

Starting Score: EQ FICO 582, TU 614, EX 528 9/13
Current Score: EQ FICO 648, TU 678, EX 663
Goal Score: 700

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Re: Whats the difference in term of score

Settling or PIF has no benefit in terms of FICO scoring, both are scored the same.   Deletion will have an impact based on several factors.

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