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When Should I Pull My First Reports After Chap7 ?

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When Should I Pull My First Reports After Chap7 ?



Trying to rebuild my credit after a Chapt 7 that was discharged March 17, 2017.  Here is a breakdown of my rebuild so far:

--Capital One- $3000 approval 3/17

--Overstock- $2000 approval 3/17

--Jcrew- $500 approval 3/17

--AlliantCU - $500 Secure Loan approval 4/17

--Had a Chase and BofA credit card I was authorized user on (ex wifes accounts) removed from my reports that were reporting negative- Removed around end of March


I have yet to pull my actual credit reports, but have been watching CreditKarma, CreditWise, and Discover sites regularly since Discharge

Sample of Credit change via CreditKarma since Discharge-

--3/17 699 TransUnion 693 Equifax

--5/17 729 Transunion 725 Equifax


Should I consider pulling all of my actual credit reports at this point or wait longer?  I used to pull TransUnion in November for the bankruptcy lawyer before filing.

Should I use that same site to pull all three to see if anything still needs fixed and where I stand?

Can I still pull TransUnion and pay for it since pulled free in Nov for lawyer? 

Will reports also provide me with my real scores vs the fako ones I have been viewing?  If not, where should I grab my reports from?


Any other suggestions/tips etc?  Appreciate all the help these forums have offered me!

Chapt7 Discharge 3/17
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Re: When Should I Pull My First Reports After Chap7 ?

Myfico has great reports for pulling credits and scores....but I am partial to credit check total.  For $1 you get all 3 reports and scores and then you can cancel from thier automated line or contiue monthly monitoring.


Just a reminder that Credit Karma is not actual FICO scores but FAKO, which most lenders for credit will use FICO.  But if you need mortgage scores, this is the only place to get your FICO mortgage score.

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Re: When Should I Pull My First Reports After Chap7 ?

The three common places on this form seem to be CCT, MyFico, and Discover's free site. After these three the next popular fico monitoring locations seem to be credit card statements from lendors that offer that service. will offer you your reports for free, but won't offer you scores. If you have a recent credit event in mind or your scores are going to be volatile for a bit then myfico may be a good investment. If you just need an idea for your on sanity every once in awhile then use CCT every couple of months for $1. Then cancel After the trial. Do this until you get cards that provide fico scores for free.
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Re: When Should I Pull My First Reports After Chap7 ?

You can get your EX and EQ from but I think you'll have to get your TU from Transunion itself since I don't think that you can buy a report on although I could be wrong. If you just want an idea of what your scores are then CCT is good but if you're looking for an auto loan I'd suggest getting your scores from here since MyFico provides those scores.
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Re: When Should I Pull My First Reports After Chap7 ?

Rule of thumb is to not pull your CRs until 30 days from date of discharge has gone by to give everyone time to get their TL listed properly. You can get EX/EQ free if you have not requested your free in the past 365 days. TU you can only get free if you are denied credit if not you will need to pay for it. Also I would pull Innovis to make sure all is in order there, sometimes the creditors play fast and loose and dont do whats right since Innovis isnt a well known CRA by the masses.

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Re: When Should I Pull My First Reports After Chap7 ?

Signed up for CCT to see what was out there.  Scores show 618 Exp / 598 Trans / 654 Equ.  Two things I am unclear of as I review the reports on there:


Across the three reports noticed several accounts where two reports shows an account in Closed status and another Bureau states Open status. Some of these are accounts closed long before bankruptcy and others are accounts that were part of Bankruptcy.  Should I worry about this and file a dispute for each under the Bureau that reflects it Open on CCT? 


Depending on the report, there are between 5 and 7 accounts showing Closed- Included in Bankruptcy status but also reflecting Negative pay status over several months prior to my bankruptcy.  Is it possible to dispute these to clear out the negative reports that show over about a years time leading up to my Filing?

Chapt7 Discharge 3/17
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