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When do settled accounts drop off credit reports?


Re: When do settled accounts drop off credit reports?

here is my problem. the account does not show delinquent. it shows no 30/60/90 day late payements. is showing "pays as agreed" status. the ONLY thing it shows is in the remarks "paid for less than full balance".  when i settled the account, they must have brought the delinquncies current. although my fico score still shows there is a deliquency so i am really confused. 


if there is no late payments showing, will this drop off after the account closed, after it was paid or will it stay on for 10 years since it is technically not showing any negatives other than the remark. OR will just the remark drop off after 7 and the rest of the good account status stay on.


if you look at the photos i posted the last payment was 8/1/2010, the last reported is 9/1/2010 and the account was actually closed 1/2009. 


what date do i go by? that is what is confusing the crap out of me. 


to answer the previous post, i haven't yet contacted discover because shouldn't  the negative drop off either 8/1 or 9/1 of this year according to the dates above? if the negative is going to go away in 3 or 4 months i was just going to ride it out. but i don't know if it will...

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Re: When do settled accounts drop off credit reports?

Where are you seeing your reports where it shows you no late pays on the payment history?  White website?  Paper reports?

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Re: When do settled accounts drop off credit reports?

the only bureau that the discover card in question was reported to (or is still on i guess) is equifax report. here is a screenshot directly from that report. (via credit karma) also in an above post there is a screen shot directly from the hard copy through equifax which shows date of last deliquency N/A.   Screenshot 2017-05-14 22.27.31.png

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